I’ve been to the UK. Actually, I’ve been there twice. Specifically, I visited Scotland both times. Perhaps one day I’ll also visit England and Ireland.

I had a great time in Scotland. I remember walking around Glasgow, which is the largest city in Scotland. The UK is famous for rainy weather. While I was there it drizzled for a period of time before the sun came back out.

Touring Glasgow was fun because I went on a tour bus. This was one of those double-decker buses. The top top level did not have a roof. Luckily, it did not rain for most of my bus tour. One of the best things about this bus ride was having a tour guide. As we rode around town, the tour guide would tell us all stories about Glasgow. Every building has a story. Every park had a past. There were reasons for each monument we saw.

The tour guide also gave us tips on where to eat. One of the most common dishes in the UK is fish and chips. These chips are not like the potato chips we are used to. They are simply french fries with a different name.

After my bus tour and few friends and I walked to a casino in the city. From the outside, it looked like a nondescript building. However, once I was inside it looked very luxurious with marble floors and bright lights. The sounds of slot machines and other casino games were constant. It sounded almost like being inside of a Chuck E. Cheese’s. I remember doing well at that casino. I think I played blackjack.

Traveling to different countries can be very rewarding. The UK should be high on anyone’s list. There is much history in those countries. If anything, go for the food! To learn more about visiting the UK, watch the video below.