Month: December 2017

UK History Continued

Last week, we talked about empires. We talked about America empires such as the Aztec empire. We also, of course, talked about the British Empire and compared the two. One has vanished. The other is still going. There are a number of reasons for this. But the UK always had the upper hand because of its lengthy history and technology. Now, let’s talk a little bit more about the British Empire.

So, which countries did Britain have a hand in? Well, a great number of them! Last week, we mentioned that Britain had about 25% of the world under its control. Canada, Australia, Seychelles, nearly half of Africa, and India, among other countries, were part of the British Empire. Now, the next country I’m going to mention might shock some people.

What about America? Yes! But not the entire country. Remember the origins of the United States, I supposed before we were the United States. We were the 13 Colonies! We were under the control of Britain. So, yes, we were under the British Empire. At least part of America was. The eastern states were, and the Washington State area was as well.

World history is fascinating. There are thousands of books on the subject. It’s mandatory that we all learn about history as well, in school. This is because history repeats itself. If we learn from the mistakes of the past, perhaps we won’t make the same mistakes in the future. The world is getting smaller and the population is getting larger. Countries have a bad history of going to war. A world war with 7 billion people would probably be the most devastation in world history. And we don’t need that! Let’s, instead, learn from past mistakes and seek peace instead of war. Let’s learn the lessons from the failed British Empire.

UK History

Is civilization in the UK older than civilization ins America. The answer is no. That was almost a trick question. But when I say America, I mean both North American and South America. Who can forget about civilizations such as the Aztec or Inca empires? They are no more. However, historians haven’t forgotten. Archaeologists haven’t forgotten. And students haven’t forgotten either since they learn about these groups in school. The UK, and Europe, for that matter, may seem older because that’s where a lot of our ancestors came from.

The UK has a very rich history, just like America. However, it seems we know more about UK history. Perhaps that’s because the UK has a civilization that has continued for hundreds or thousands of years. On the other side of the ocean, American civilizations have risen and fallen. No more do we see American Indians, mostly. No more do we see the Aztec population which was widespread in and around Mexico. The UK, like the Aztecs, were at one point an empire.

The UK’s empire was more recent. To be more specific, I should say British Empire. This is because the UK was not united at the time. Ireland and Scotland were merely subjected to the crown. They were colonies or protectorates.

The height of the British Empire was in the early 20th century. To be more exact, it was 1933 when the British Empire reached its peak. After that, it began to get smaller. Ultimately, it fell apart. At its height, however, the British Empire controlled around 25% of the countries of the world. That’s massive!

Tune in next week when we continue to learn about UK history. Let’s delve a little deeper into how the UK became an empire, while so many countries of the world found themselves under Britain’s control.

The European Sport

When in Europe, and the UK in particular, don’t call their popular sports soccer! As the world gets smaller, we as a culture are learning more about the world at large. This is true about foods, customs, and sports. Sure, their version of soccer is the same as ours. However, in Europe, and most of the world, it’s called football.

But that’s not football! Yes, I know. It’s not what we consider football. It’s only the same of the sport on that side of the ocean. Even south of the border it is called something else. It’s called football there too! Soccer in Spanish is “fútbol”. If you pronounce it, it doesn’t sound like soccer. It sounds like football!

Truth be told, American football has its origins in the UK version of soccer. When soccer came to the States, Americans simply changed, well, pretty much everything about the sport. Even the ball is different. In soccer, a sports player cannot run the ball. The ball is kicked at all times. In football, it is the opposite, even though a football is kicked a few times throughout the game. It’s interesting, then, why football is called as such since we don’t use our feet that much with a football. If anything, a more proper name would be handball or run ball! But that will never happen.

Like football, many of our customs and foods come from the UK and greater Europe. After all, the early settlers to this country are from Europe. It’s no surprise, then, that we share many of the same aspects of life as our ancestors across the ocean. Even our main language, English, is a UK, or English invention. As the world gets smaller, soccer becomes more popular. Almost every country in the world already has the sport, or a variant of it.