It’s nearly the end of December and it’s frigid outside for most of the country. But that’s not stopping people from getting married. Couples plan weddings many months in advance. They had no idea it would be so cold outside. New Years is also a popular day for couples to get married. But people get married every day. This is so here in America. It’s also the way it is in the UK. There are just so many people in these countries! Thousands will probably get married today, tomorrow, and the next day. So what am I talking about when I say the next UK marriage? I’m talking about the one that they are talking about in the news.

I’m talking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The two recently announced their engagement. Most people have not heard of Meghan Markle before. She isn’t a complete unknown, however. She is a former actress, appearing on British television shows. Prince Harry, on the other hand, is known worldwide and recognized by face. He is the brother of Prince William and son of Princess Diana. Princess Dianna died when Harry was a small child. And so he was thrust upon the world via what seemed to be nonstop news at the time. But the coming event will be a much happier occasion for him.

If the wedding is anything like that of his brother, we can expect live coverage. There will be singing, cheering in the streets, and a glimpse of British history. Royal weddings in the UK are historical events. And if it’s like anything I’ve heard, it will be just that. Prince Harry desires a church wedding, just like his brother. It will be an interesting event to watch. This is especially true since many traditions are hundreds of years old.