1) Easy Transport

Britain is roughly the size of Minnesota. With its small size, you can easily move and see different places. You can travel to Edinburgh from London in a mere 5 hours by train!

2) It has 30 UNESCO world heritage sites

Across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, you can see many world heritage sites That includes the Stonehenge, Giant’s Causeway, Hadrian’s Wall, and the Tower of London.

3) National Parks

Britain has 15 National Parks. Cairngorms Park in Scotland is the largest among them. Other parks are the New Forest in Hampshire and the Lake District north of England. Additionally, you can visit 46 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) across England and Wales.

4) Striking Coastlines

The coastline of the country measures 19,491 miles long, and there’s a ton of beautiful sights to see. And with Britain’s size, you can always reach a beach in two hours or less!

5) Charming Villages

Great Britain has many gems in the form of quaint villages. They’re relatively easy to reach, as they’re close by major towns. Some famous villages are Cotswolds, Polperro, and Robin Hood’s Bay.

6) Scenic Countryside

Drive a short way from any British city and you’ll find rolling hills, green farmlands, and postcard horizons. Rural Britain is relatively slow compared to its hectic cities! Just imagine driving down this road on your way to Handyman.

7) Seaside Escapades

The towns by the sea have long been British holiday spots. There are 900 donkeys on UK beaches, with those in Weston Super Mare famously present since 1886.

8) Lush Gardens

Britain is home to the world’s most meticulously grown gardens, especially those in British palaces and mansions. There are many botanic gardens to explore, such as the Eden Project in Cornwall, where you can find the largest indoor rainforest in the whole world!

9) Varied Cities

Britain’s lively cities has something for everyone. From London to Manchester, each city has its own personality. Officially, the UK has 66 cities, with many towns qualifying enough to be cities as well.

10) A Storied History

The UK has over 374,000 buildings, 1,500 castles, and 2,500 museums. You’d be spoiled for choice in exploring the nation’s rich past.