When in Europe, and the UK in particular, don’t call their popular sports soccer! As the world gets smaller, we as a culture are learning more about the world at large. This is true about foods, customs, and sports. Sure, their version of soccer is the same as ours. However, in Europe, and most of the world, it’s called football.

But that’s not football! Yes, I know. It’s not what we consider football. It’s only the same of the sport on that side of the ocean. Even south of the border it is called something else. It’s called football there too! Soccer in Spanish is “fĂștbol”. If you pronounce it, it doesn’t sound like soccer. It sounds like football!

Truth be told, American football has its origins in the UK version of soccer. When soccer came to the States, Americans simply changed, well, pretty much everything about the sport. Even the ball is different. In soccer, a sports player cannot run the ball. The ball is kicked at all times. In football, it is the opposite, even though a football is kicked a few times throughout the game. It’s interesting, then, why football is called as such since we don’t use our feet that much with a football. If anything, a more proper name would be handball or run ball! But that will never happen.

Like football, many of our customs and foods come from the UK and greater Europe. After all, the early settlers to this country are from Europe. It’s no surprise, then, that we share many of the same aspects of life as our ancestors across the ocean. Even our main language, English, is a UK, or English invention. As the world gets smaller, soccer becomes more popular. Almost every country in the world already has the sport, or a variant of it.