Is civilization in the UK older than civilization ins America. The answer is no. That was almost a trick question. But when I say America, I mean both North American and South America. Who can forget about civilizations such as the Aztec or Inca empires? They are no more. However, historians haven’t forgotten. Archaeologists haven’t forgotten. And students haven’t forgotten either since they learn about these groups in school. The UK, and Europe, for that matter, may seem older because that’s where a lot of our ancestors came from.

The UK has a very rich history, just like America. However, it seems we know more about UK history. Perhaps that’s because the UK has a civilization that has continued for hundreds or thousands of years. On the other side of the ocean, American civilizations have risen and fallen. No more do we see American Indians, mostly. No more do we see the Aztec population which was widespread in and around Mexico. The UK, like the Aztecs, were at one point an empire.

The UK’s empire was more recent. To be more specific, I should say British Empire. This is because the UK was not united at the time. Ireland and Scotland were merely subjected to the crown. They were colonies or protectorates.

The height of the British Empire was in the early 20th century. To be more exact, it was 1933 when the British Empire reached its peak. After that, it began to get smaller. Ultimately, it fell apart. At its height, however, the British Empire controlled around 25% of the countries of the world. That’s massive!

Tune in next week when we continue to learn about UK history. Let’s delve a little deeper into how the UK became an empire, while so many countries of the world found themselves under Britain’s control.